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Jack Halpern, Founder and CEO of My Elder Advocate TM, is a champion of elder care rights and is passionate about fighting for elder care issues, including nursing home abuse and eviction. His company’s mission is to help people navigate the difficult and sometimes confusing pathways of elder care. Jack is the visionary, drawing from his extensive knowledge and experience working with elders to develop the content and direction for Rate Mom’s Nursing Home. He and his team at My Elder Advocate help clients navigate the difficult and sometimes confusing pathways of elder care, stepping in as necessary to advocate for elders. As a result, elders and their families have peace of mind in knowing that a plan of action is in place to help them maintain control, preserve their dignity and protect their independence, finances, property and rights.


Combining a commitment to protecting the rights and dignity of elders and a fierce sense of right and wrong has earned Jack a reputation as an uncompromising elder advocate. His brand of advocacy has affected thousands of elders’ in nursing homes across the country


Jack often speaks to community groups, trade associations, other advocacy groups, and at political functions. His seminars on Elder Care and Abuse are widely attended by both consumers and professionals. He has also appeared as an expert witness on Court TV and as a commentator on the cable television network. Jack’s well-known blog has been visited by over one million people wishing to learn more about elder care services and elder abuse. His hard-hitting approach has attracted caregivers, elder care professionals, regulators, and politicians.


He holds a Masters of Professional Studies Degree with a Major in Long Term Care Administration from C.W. Post College in Greenvale, Long Island.


Throughout his career, Jack has held several key leadership roles in the Nursing Home Industry. These included administrator and executive management, supervising, housekeeping, and building services. He is a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator in both New York and New Jersey.


• 41-year elder care industry veteran
• Active nursing home administrator for 15+ years


• Founded My Elder Advocate in 2008


• Leading advocate for elder care issues in the US


• Licensed nursing home administrator since 1978


• Masters in Healthcare Administration, CW Post College, 1977


• Senior Care Humanitarian Award, Sephardic Nursing Home, 2011